Technological Endowments


MPI STEELPROCESS s.r.l., through its quality management system implemented and TUV certified, delivers products which satisfy the demands of the clients.

MPI STEELPROCESS s.r.l. is organized in a integrated system, performing the following activities: marketing, technological design, supply, production design and programming, production, products sales, costs analyse and analyse of the financing-accounting activity, Quality management, IT, Human Resources.
MPI STEELPROCESS s.r.l. has 200 employees, of which 30 are graduates of higher education. The entire personnel, including the managers, are included every year in training programs specific to the company activities and to the position held.
Completing with technological equipments well oriented for its profile of production, we have the image of a complex company eager to improve the quality of its products, to progress continuously, to achieve a higher work productivity, to increase the volume of the exports, and to diversify its production range, having asbasic goal: satisfied clients and and employees.

MPI STEELPROCESS s.r.l. has as main activity the execution of:


with oxygas, plasma and laser, according to the beneficiary’s documentation


according to the beneficiary’s documentation


flat flanges, neck flanges, rings, according to the standards or to the beneficiary’s documentation



  • Laser (CNC) 4kw LVD-Impulse 6020; 2000 x 6000 mm
  • High definition plasma cutting machines (CNC) OMNICUT 3600; 2000 x 6000 mm
  • Oxigas cutting machine (CNC) OMNIMAT L8000 (Messer Germania) 3000 x 9500 mm.
  • One oxigas cutting machine (CNC) CORTINA DP 5000; 3500 x 12000 mm

Cold plastic deformation:

  • Vertical hydraulic presses of 400 Tf și 250 Tf
  • Sheet bending press 400 Tf/4000 cu (CNC)
  • Sheet bending press 300 Tf/4000 cu (CNC)
  • Rolling machine 40 x 2000 mm
  • Rolling machine 8 x 2000 mm (CNC)


Welding technique - 30 MIG, MAG equipments with inverter (8 welding posts with exhaustion):

  • VARMIG 400 9 pc
  • EWM 400-560A 14 pc
  • GTM 280 5 pc.
  • KEMPI M420 1 pc
  • FRONIUS 2 pc
  • Two welding robots KUKA

Welding procedures:

  • manual welding in electric arc with coated electrode
  • electric arc welding in protective gas environment with Corgon


The welders are certified according to EN 287-1, and the welding procedures according to EN ISO 15614-1.

Non-destructive welding control:

  • with ultradounds
  • with ultradounds
  • magnetic powders

Surface protection:

  • Shot blasting installation with metal shot RB-2000, 4 sanding heads, 2000 mm wide
  • Powder coating and liquid coating at firms certified ISO 9001



  • Processing center:
    • SHWUFZ 4 CNC 4000Z 1600 Z 1000 mm
    • CPH 1-5 CNC, 2000 X 1200 X 1200 mm
    • MCV 750 iTNC 530 CNC: 750 X 500 X 500 mm
  • Milling machine HELLER CNC: 800 X 630 X 630 mm
  • Universal milling machines
  • Boring and milling machine:
    • VXH 100 CNC, 1200 X 800 X 1000 mm
    • AFD 100, 1350 X 1200 1000 mm
    • VHN 110, 1600 X 1250 X 1000 mm


  • lathes SBL 500CNC: 500 x 750 mm
  • regular lathes: max 630 x 2000 mm
  • vertical lathes: CS 1400 CNC; SC 1700 NC; SC 2200; SC 2700 CNC